Help us market the Rally at the Governor’s Mansion

We NEED you to help us market the
Rally at the Governor’s Mansion


We cannot fight this fight alone.
We need your support and your attendance.
Please help us help you.


*We would like the group to travel to the rally as one caravan of buses, but if you plan to drive yourself, please still fill out the form. In the number of seats section, let us know you are driving yourself, so we can have a count of expected attendees.


Our Story: Emotional and financial pain!

I am one of the hundreds of homeowners dealing with crumbling foundations. My husband and I built our home in Vernon in 1986. We recently tried to sell the house, but at the inspection we discovered the foundation was crumbling and our house is unsalable. My husband is quite sick and requires full-time care. I retired to be his primary care-giver.  Continue reading “Our Story: Emotional and financial pain!”

Our Story: All for nothing

We were proactive in trying to find out a year ago, when the news first hit, if slab foundations were affected and we were basically told no. We had considered moving to North Carolina for a couple years, and when my employer indicated to me earlier this year it would be best to move to North Carolina to have a better chance at avoiding a layoff, we decided to pursue it seriously.

Continue reading “Our Story: All for nothing”

Our Story: Shattered Dream

My husband and I bought our home four years ago, It was supposed to be our Dream Home. We knew it needed some work: windows, doors, siding, and updates on some things inside the house, but all in all we were very happy with it. Two winters ago a pipe burst in our bedroom wall. After dealing with insurance, we hired a contractor and began doing repairs in the spring. One day our contractor came to us and said, “Hey, did you see these cracks you have in your foundation?”  Continue reading “Our Story: Shattered Dream”